About Us

Our agency, SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD NIGERIA, is an agency based in Nigeria which connects intending parents to nigerian surrpgate mothers/egg donors and gestational carriers.We have been operating for many years and have a good record of providing surrogate motherhood services to our numerous and growing clientele, mostly in NIGERIA who are based at home or abroad and  foreigners who come to seek our services.Surrogacy is a  modern trend in human reproductive technology worldwide and  we  believe that this should be made available to Nigerians who are in need. The best medical facilities are availablein Nigeria for this purpose and there may be on need to travel abroad to seed that service. Inconveniences will be avoided and cost will be saved. We act as a link between service seekers and a prospective. Surrogate motherhood provider. We ensure that a contrast between the parties is properly entered unto,adhered to and eventually performed. We expect that the Surrogate mother to be must have passed through several counseling sessions before making up her mind. In the process no pressure is applied neither is there  any inducement in any form , what surrogacy is al about will be carefully and fully explained to her and- any questions arising will be prudently answered. At the end, a decision to consent in entirely her own. We also link up the consenting parties with appropriate medical facilities. Our company, for the avoidance of doubt, is not a medical institution. But we believe that there medical  boffins will carefully examine the parties to rule the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases and do some tissue  typing to ensure compatibility in order to avoid possible transplant rejection.

It is our desire to help bring joy to Nigerians in a dire and desperate need for parenting but who have problems on the way of doing so. We also offer services which are clean and within the ambits of the law of our dear country Nigeria.