A contract will be signed and sealed by both parties before an attorney at law. The aim is to fine-tune legal obligations of both parties and have a record of mutual consent. A choice of attorney will require the approval of both parties but the couple will pay al required fees. We may recommend fertility clinics where operations can be carried out but the parties are free tp use  any fertility clinic of their choice. The couple will pay all fees required by the medical facility including such as for drugs, ante natal and confinement. Such agreed sum for the maintenance of the surrogate mother will be paid in advance into an escrow account. Any sum for compensation or reward also will be paid into an escrow account.Of all this sum, the parties will have to agree in the contract, on what percentage that will be refunded to the couple in the car of a lost pregnancy. We reserve the right to read through the contract to ensure fairness and suggest amendment where necessary. A copy of the contract will be kept in our files. Arrangement for adoption will be made by our client. We expect that at that time they will pay the required processing fees and ensure that the application forms are accurately filled and properly endorsed. A copy of the adoption certificate will be kept in our files.