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We have assisted many couples in sourcing healthy surrogate mothers

Welcome to  Surrogate Motherhood Nigeria,an online platform connecting intended parents and fertility clinics/Hospitals to surrogate mothers.Proper medical and criminal background checks are done for any surrogate mother enrolling in our program.

Finally, a fertility clinic with high IVF success rate is here

Are you in search of a credible fertility clinic with a proven track record of high IVF success rates? IVF is costly and can easily run into millions of Naira depending on how many cycles..We offer advice on selection of good fertility clinics all over Nigeria through records of IVF success rates carried out by various fertility cllinics. Contact us for more information

How much are Nigerian surrogate mothers paid?

Compensation for surrogate mothers depends on so many factors.Her educational level,enlightenment,location and most importantly her motive for wanting to be a surrogate mother.You can see our pricelist here

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We have successfully connected intended parents with surrogate mothers

Our agency, SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD NIGERIA, is an agency based in Nigeria which connects intending parents to nigerian surrpgate mothers/egg donors and gestational carriers.We have been operating for many years and have a good record of providing surrogate motherhood services to our numerous and growing clientele, mostly in NIGERIA who are based at home or abroad and  foreigners who come to seek

All About Surrogacy

Everything you need to know about surrogate motherhood

Surrogacy is a new concept in  modern human reproduction technology. It is receiving wide acceptance in  developed or more advanced countries and is now making an inroad into less developing countries. It serves a common need to fulfill a common human desire, primarily the desire for parenting where normal circumstances are inadequate.

Online Application

To enroll for our program you must be between 21 yrs to 35 yrs to apply.Must be a non smoker..All information submitted is confidential and will not be shared with the public.All applicants must undergo compulsory medical examination.Please read all questions carefully.All matters including all correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.If you are a parent looking for a surrogat