What is the position of religion on surrogate motherhood?

An ethical question. Religion is divided on the pros and cons of surrogacy. There is no consensus within the Church or any other major religious organizations. However going back into history of the Holy Book, the Bible has instance that could be regarded as surrogacy although modern technology was not there then. Sarah, wife of Abraham chose Hagar her maid to be a surrogate so that she and Abraham could have a child. On an was commanded by the Lord to go to the late brother’s wife and to” raise a seed” unto the brother .In the process of doing so, he disobeyed by spilling it in the ground for which offence he was smitten to death by the Lord.

Will surrogacy be used to propagate the principle of eugenics?

Absolutely not the intention of the service we offer. These may be a good cause for the desk to avoid passing on a bad hereditary trait to an offspring. There is no desire for selective breeding to raise super human beings. There is also no desire for selection of sex of child.

What does the law say about surrogate motherhood?

Many countries are divided in opinion about the merits of surrogate motherhood. There is no record of any instance where it has been made a criminal offence. Even in the United States of America, the states are divided in opinion. All in all, it is important to keep within the laws of a country, where one is offering the offering the service.We do not know of any law against surrogacy in Nigeria. Surrogacy is an arrangement between two adults who are respectable and consenting parties. Our agency will abide by any law when and if one is enacted in due course.

Does one pay for the services needed.?

One has a moral responsibility to take extra care of a wife during pregnancy, only a woman knows what it is like to carry a baby for nine months. A surrogate mother will need to be adequately looked after and pleasantly rewarded for the help or service she is rendering. Financial arrangements are therefore put in place to guarantee her upkeep and comfort during pregnancy and for a shortwhile thereafter.

Is surrogacy a kind of human trafficking?

Almost in all cases, the child born has a blood link with one or both of adoptive parents. Body or tissue transplant has been on for years and it is still going on and there is no quarrel with it. At the end of the pregnancy, normal legal adoption process will be entered into to perfect the contract and for the sake of legality.

Is direct sex involved in surrogacy?

The contracting parties are not expected to have any direct sexual relationship. There was an instance of a mother who opted to be surrogate for her childless daughter. There was no direct sex involved.

Will a surrogate mother be denied access to the child after adoption?

This matter will be discussed fully before a contract is signed and will form a relevant clause in the contract. Records of contracting parties will however remain on a permanent file in our office.

Does your company offer services to lesbian or homosexual couples?

No. We do not offer our services to lesbian or homosexual couples who ironically wish to be parents. There will be required incontrovertible evidence of a solid and stable marriage from couples who wish to avail themselves of our services.

How much does it cost to hitre a surrogate mother?

As earlier stated,we are mere a link between the couples and surrogate mother to facilitate the process.Compensation will be determined by the surrogate mother

What if after i pay for the service the surogate mother does not adhere to her own part of the agreement?

We ensure that an escrow account is set up in favour of the surrogate mother which means that she is fully compensated after she gives birth

Will a lawyer prepare the contract paper on behalf of the couple and the surrogate mother?

Yes,we ensure that all arrangement is done within the law and also for our record purposes

Will the surrogate mother have access to the surrogate child in the near future?

That will be determined by couple and surrogate mother which will be clearly stated in the contract

What if the surrogate mother has a miscarriage or loses the pregnancy,will i lose all my money?

In the event of loss,30% of the total sum agreed on will be deducted as administrative charges and 70% of the sum refunded to the intended parents

Do you have doctors who perfrom the IVF procedure?

We are not a medical institution.We are an agency connecting surrogate mothers to couples all over Nigeria

Does your charges cover costs of the IVF procedure?

Fees charged are for compensation for the surrogate mother and does not cover IVF procedure.Couples are advised tocontact IVF clinics of their choice to ascertain actual costs of the IVF procedure

Are you affliated to any IVF clinic in Nigeria?

As stated earlier,we are a nin medical facility therefore we are not affiliated to any IVF clinic in Nigeria

Can you recommend a clinic offering quality IVF services?

There are so many IVF clinics in Nigeria,however we cannot guarantee the efficacy of their services as with every other business entity.Solicitation of services at IVF clinics is solely at your discretion.However,we can only recommend good fertility clinics to those who fill our consultation form

Will i have access to the baby immediately the surrogate mother gives birth?

Yes,you will need an attorney to file all relevant documents for adoption of the baby.Even though the baby is yours biologically,you will still need to legally file adoption papers to become parent of the child

Where will the surrogate mother stay during her pregnancy?

Before a surrogate mother enrolls for our program,we ensure that we visit her home as to ascertain if her residence is covenient and if not we make arrangement for an alternative accomodation during the period of her pregnancy

Is it the same sum of money i will compensate if she gives birth to twins?

Absolutely not in most cases.Contracting parties must go into dialogue before signing a contract which will clearly state what amount of compensation the surrogate mother will receive if she gives birth to twins

How much will i pay as compensation to a surrogate mother f i need her service?

We cannot state what will be due as compensation to a surrogate mother for her service.We are merely a link in facilitating the process.Only the carrier can ascertain what she deems fit as compensation

After the IVF procedure,can a surrogate mother still vear children in the future?

IVF procedures are harmless and does not affect the reproductive organs negatively in any way.A surrogate mother can still have children in the future